Shirts are a key piece in every girl’s wardrobe, you may have to wear one to the office, or as part of a uniform, or there may be occasions when nothing else will do. But how much frustration did us girls experience finding the perfect shirt before Pepperberry? Gasps and moans could be heard in high street fitting rooms up and down the country, as we went up dress sizes, trying to find the shirt that would accommodate our boobs. Thankfully it’s different now, you don’t have to search the high street as our collection is designed with your boobs in mind. You don’t have to make do with ill-fitting shirts; you can look sharp and businesslike or fun and on-trend. Whatever look you’re after, you can rest assured our shirts will fit.

What makes us unique?

Our clothes come in standard dress sizes from 8-18, once you have selected your dress size; you then have the option of choosing…


If you find clothes pull a little across your boobs.

Really Curvy

If you go up a dress size in tops and dresses to find the right size for your boobs.

Super Curvy

If you always have to go up one or two dress sizes to find the right fit.

The Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt


The Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt is new from Pepperberry and it’s a real classic that will become a wardrobe staple and will be your go-to shirt season after season.

You will love the fit (no straining buttons or bulging seams here). A great shirt for the office and if you are going out straight from work, change into the Pu Pencil Skirt and add the Ribbon Chain Necklace and heels and you have a perfect going out look.

The Classic Spot Shirt





The Classic Spot Shirt is a bestseller and we know exactly why. The added stretch to the cotton improves the fit around the boobs and makes it soft and comfortable to wear. Even though it’s a formal shirt, the camel spot gives this lovely shirt a little twist, which makes it perfect for work or weekends. It looks fab with our Skinny Washed Jeans and ankle boots, or for a smart, stylish work look, try it with our Heritage Check Jacket.


For more fabulous fitting shirts, browse our current autumn collection and please leave your comments; we love to hear from you.