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Behind the Scenes at our Winter Photo Shoot

In early July when the weather was at an all time high in the UK with scorching sunshine and soaring temperatures, the Pepperberry team were busy on location focusing on wrapping up for the colder weather and getting glamorous for holiday parties.

With an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, the crew and gorgeous models were whisked off for 3 days to the beautiful location of Leamington Spa to shoot the new winter collection. There, we visited several key spots which would prove to be the perfect backdrop and setting for our winter range.

On Day 1, we  shot our dress-up-or-down styles adding glamour with chic chignon buns and glossy ponytails in the models’ hairs. Watch out for pops of purple and monochrome to perfectly complement your busy social schedule as you move from day into evening.

The lucious greenery of the park was the main base for day 2 of our shoot. The sunshine never failed us and shone brightly for much of the day lending itself to create beautifully natural light our which was perfect for showcasing our new casual pieces.

Our final day of shoot took us to the studio where we had created a luxurious, ambient room set. We can’t share any sneak previews of our products just yet…but you can expect partywear, coats, casual wear and versatile workwear and smart-casual pieces.

Shop from a selection of our winter collection now! The full collection will be avialble online and instores in Novemeber.

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Love Pepperberry x




Newcastle shop manager Cheryl

Newcastle store manager Cheryl wearing our Chiffon Abstract Print Dress £55

We asked Newcastle store manager Cheryl to share the story of how she discovered Bravissimo and to tell us about her experiences working for Pepperberry. We hope you enjoy reading it…

After returning from working in Spain in 2004 I was searching the jobs section in my local paper when I stumbled across an advert recruiting staff for a new Bravissimo store to open in Newcastle upon Tyne.  My first reaction was ‘Yeahhhhhh!  Bravissimo are coming to Newcastle!’ 

I had been a mail order customer for years so I decided to apply for a position as fitting consultant and I’ve never looked back!  I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work my way up to store manager and I can honestly and sincerely say that I LOVE my job and the company! 

During my fitting training I discovered Bravissimo fitted shirts that would button up over my boobs and still nip me in at the waist – a miracle!  I also found out that I was not the 34E I thought, but actually a 30G!  I couldn’t believe how wearing a correctly fitting bra actually made me look smaller, and suddenly I could walk taller and straighter without worrying about my boobs popping out of my bra!  These things seriously improved my confidence and I love to do this for our customers too. The best thing about working for Bravissimo/Pepperberry is that we can really make a difference to how our customers feel about themselves.  

In May 2011 we moved from our original shop on Grey Street to a new location in Eldon Garden shopping centre.  We love our new location; if you haven’t been in we’d love to see you!  

Just a few months before the move, Bravissimo launched Pepperberry, we’ve come a long way from the Bravissimo fitted shirt, with Pepperberry now offering casual, smart casual, occasionwear and workwear too.  My wardrobe is now made up of mostly Pepperberry clothes, they fit my waist and my boobs!  I no longer have to wear clothes that are too big for me, just to fit my boobs! Pepperberry offers a solution for every occasion!

My personal Pepperberry favourite this summer is the Cross Front Maxi Dress; it is also a favourite with our customers. It looks lovely with the Bolero Cardigan to keep away any cold chills!

One of my proudest moments was attending a dinner this year in which Bravissimo/Pepperberry was awarded a trophy for coming 13th in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to work for.  It sure is the very best company I have ever worked for!  I tell everyone I meet about the service we offer and I’ve even been on a local radio station to encourage the ladies of the North East to come and see what a difference we can make to them!

I will be going on maternity leave in July, but I know the Newcastle store will be in safe hands with my amazing team – who are on hand to help you find the perfect outfit to fit and flatter your boobs!

If you think a career at Bravissimo/Pepperberry could be for you, why not take a look at our vacancies.

If you’re inspired after reading Cheryl’s post please leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you.

Love Pepperberry x

Musings from a Pepperberry photoshoot in Mexico!

Embroidered Hem Top

Looking gorgeous even with rollers in!

Cross Front Maxi Dress

We asked Assistant Buyer Emma to share her photoshoot experience with us:

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to visit Mexico to help with the shooting of the Summer and High Summer images for our Pepperberry catalogue, stores and website.

Drafted in at the last minute, I felt apprehensive and excited to be  going on an adventure, and privileged as it’s certainly something that you don’t get to do very often! A ten hour flight followed, in which to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I got to read, indulge in random films that normally nobody would want to endure with me, and also be fed every hour (or so it seemed), without any real guilt…as I kept telling myself I needed to keep my energy up.

On arriving in Mexico and waiting for the production team for less than half an hour, I already had at least five mosquito bites on my feet, feeling exhausted I was looking forward to my bed before the work really began the following morning. A week of very early mornings and constant hard work began, being on your feet all day and making sure that the garments were represented in their best possible light at all times.

We shot at amazing locations such as luxury boutique hotels and perfumeries, which were a perfect back drop to the clean lines of our workwear. These back drops also highlighted the sophistication of our summer occasionwear, which will be ideal for the up and coming wedding season. In contrast, the casual and bohemian feel of the beach and yoga retreats that we visited gave our casualwear a calm and relaxed feel. It wasn’t all sunshine and sandy beaches though, even in Mexico you can’t guarantee the weather and we had to work around a day of stormy rain, where the team pulled together to find a solution to the lack of light we were faced with.

Overall I had a fantastic experience; it was hard work and I did miss home (although not the snowy conditions!), and when I got back I truly felt like I could sleep for a week. What I loved most about the trip was seeing the styles come to life on the models, with the perfect backdrops, and also the sense of family within the team. It’s strange that when you are put together with a team of people that you don’t know that well and spend a week with them, eating three meals a day with them how much you get to know people. It really did feel like we were all on the same page, everybody playing their part in capturing that perfect image and really showing off our clothes. Hopefully you’ll see that in the summer photography and love the images as much as we do!

We’d love to know what you think of the post and photography, please leave us a comment.

Love Pepperberry x

Meet Casualwear Buyer Lucy

Where did you start your career? My very first job was working as a fabric technologist for Firetrap as part of my university placement year. I couldn’t have been too much of a disaster, as I was then offered my first full time job on Firetrap Females after graduation (many years ago!).

When did you start working at Bravissimo/Pepperberry? I joined the company in April 2010 to work on the ‘new and exciting’ soon to launch clothing brand, then named ‘Brand X’.

What does your job entail? I am responsible for the design and development of the Casual and Smart Casual side of the range, from initial trend ideas, working closely with our suppliers to ensure the styling and design is right for the range, then building the range and making sure we have the right balance of styles for our customers. I follow every garment from initial design concept, right through the fit process and production until delivery. An important part of my role is to ensure that at every stage we are working to the critical path to ensure that our ranges launch on time. Another vital part of the role is listening to our customers and reacting to their comments and requests, to ensure we are constantly making improvements to the range.

What do you love most about your job? I love my job, it is very varied and no two days are ever the same. When I’m not in the office, my job involves visiting suppliers both in the UK and overseas, to develop new styles and to ensure they are technically capable of producing our garments. We work closely with the technical and marketing teams, including attending all fit sessions and photo shoots to ensure that the styles are shot and styled perfectly, so they look great in the magazine.

Describe your personal style? A mix of high street with vintage and second hand pieces. I think I have a really varied dress sense. I love dresses. I love print & colour, but also wear a lot of black edgier pieces. I am a terrible hoarder who hates to throw away clothes …. 

How do you dress for…? 

Work? I don’t tend to alter my style that much for work/home. I dress quite casually most of the time. It all depends on how I feel that morning, sometimes I like to plan what I’m wearing, other days it’s literally what’s clean & fits at the time!

Shopping at the weekends? I usually go more for comfort at the weekends; I tend to live in a faithful denim mini skirt teamed with a printed T-shirt & hi-top trainers or ankle boots.

A meal in your favourite restaurant? A long line top with skinny jeans, leather jacket & heels, or any LBD with statement earrings and heels. 

A big night out? I love nothing more than getting ready with the girls for a night out. We still swap clothes at the age of 35!  A night out would usually involve some sort of short dress & heels…..although recently I’ve started wearing more shorts & tights with a top. (I always wear heels!).

Do you follow any style rules? Being a ‘Straight’ body shape, I avoid anything too fitted on the waist for the fear of looking like a Hot Dog sausage. I tend to go for more empire lines; long line slouchy tops with skinny jeans seem to be my usual get up (not forgetting miniskirts & shorts while I still can!)

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas? How about the whole of the 90’s? High waisted 501’s with a body, a fighter pilot bomber jacket, teamed with hideous platforms which were responsible for many a turned ankle.

What are your wardrobe lifesavers? I couldn’t live without my leather jacket, or my denim mini skirt… both worn to death.

What are your essential accessories? Earrings. I feel naked without them.  I wear them every day. I love quite big, statement earrings, and cheesy as it may be – I tend to like to match them to what I’m wearing that day. Sad, I know.

Who’s your style icon? I love Sienna Miller’s effortless bohemian style. 

What’s been your most extravagant fashion purchase? Designer handbags & shoes aren’t really my thing… I have been known to buy the same dress/shoes in several colours/prints at the same time. When I find something I love, I tend to panic buy in case I never love anything as much again.

What sparked your imagination when choosing this collection? We were really feeling the whole 50’s retro style on the casual side for the Vintage Americana range. We loved the primary colours and simplicity of the classic shapes. In contrast with Over the Canyon collection, where the mood was inspired by the ruggedness of the outdoors, using neutral tones & tribal prints.

Were there any difficulties getting this collection exactly as you wanted it to be? Developing the fit to match the styling required is always a challenge, as we have so many fit considerations i.e. body shape/proportions/bust shape and size etc, etc…  However, we work so closely with our talented technical team and we usually find a way.

How did you choose the fabrics? We wanted to keep the fabrics quite simple, using mainly cotton based poplins & easy viscose elastane jerseys. We did use some broderie anglaise panelling and slub jersey for added fabric interest, however keeping the focus on the print, colour and styling was really important this season.

How did you choose the embellishments? To be honest, embellishment was kept to a minimum on Vintage Americana – keeping the garments clean, fresh and simple was the key. However on Over the Canyon, we gave some of the pieces a more embellished feel with embroideries and beaded neck trims. 

Which one item from the spring collection will you definitely be wearing this season? 3/4 Sleeve Shaped Hem Ponti Blazer in Red.

How will you style it? There are so many ways to wear it, with a long line top, skinny’s & a printed scarf /over a printed dress /with a printed top & denim mini skirt and so on.

Where will you wear it? Everywhere!

Which accessory from the spring collection is your must-have item? The Polka Dot Scarf in Red – a guaranteed mood lifter for those rainy mornings.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Lucy, if you have a question for her please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Love Pepperberry x

Meet Cleo, Senior Marketing Manager – Creative and Visual Communications

Where did you start your career? I started my career as an Assistant Designer in London for a manufacturer to companies such as Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins.

When did you start working at Bravissimo/Pepperberry? February 2006

What does your job entail? I am responsible for the management of the creative output for our business. This involves the management of the creative designers ensuring that the brand look and feel is consistent across both brands in our magazines, e-mails, web pages etc. Working with our Creative Executive we produce, style, art direct all of our shoots and deliver these ready for all of our customer communications. I am also responsible for the look of our stores and our seasonal VM.

What do you love most about your job?  I am blessed to be doing a job I live and breathe – I am a true creative at heart I love being the bossy boots on shoot, I love the frantic pace and creativity of capturing all of our garments in imagery and then seeing customer reactions to what we have produced.

Describe your personal style? Quirky, vintage, geeky, cool – apparently according to my friends, the ‘cool’ is debatable.

How do you dress for… Work? Shopping at the weekends? A meal in your favourite restaurant? A big night out? I don’t, I wear what I want whenever I want to dependant on my mood, I don’t really have any rules, I love dressing up it is one of the favourite bits of my day.

How do you update your look? I just keep collecting and recycling – I don’t follow fashion particularly, I just update my wardrobe when I see things I like – which is most weeks. My poor bank balance.

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas? A neon baby doll nightie worn as a top that I wore with leggings and platform boots aged 13 to Alton Towers. Not a good look on a roller coaster!

What are your wardrobe lifesavers? Heels, big skirts and cardigans – lots of them in all the colours of the rainbow.

What are your essential accessories? My wedding and engagement rings that my husband chose himself.

Who’s your style icon? Carrie from Sex and the City.

What’s been your most extravagant fashion purchase? A Barbour Jacket.

Do you have any favourite beauty products/secrets to share? I use Sudocream every evening around my nose to stop it peeling – nice!

Do you have a signature scent? Vintage Gardenia by Jo Malone, unfortunately it is now discontinued so my new love is Lime Blossom.  

Where is your favourite city and why? New York – it’s big, fun, loud, full of life and there is acceptance, anything goes.

What three items would you take to a desert island? My husband, my dogs and my granddad.

Where is your dream holiday destination and why? Formentera – a secret island off the coast of Ibiza, beautiful white sandy beaches, and the laid back hippy vibe of Ibiza before dance music came along.

Which three people would you invite to a fantasy dinner party? I would invite, the late River Phoenix because he was so whimsically beautiful, Stephen Fry because he is so supremely intelligent and hilarious and Richard Branson for his entrepreneurial skills, intelligence and incredible life stories.  And, if I could have a wild card Vivienne Westwood because she is the most talented designer and icon of pop punk culture although a little batty!

What would you have to eat? Fish and chips in newspaper ‘old school style’ and really good vintage champagne.

We’d love to hear any thoughts you have after reading Cleo’s answers or any questions you have for her. Cleo is travelling back from a Pepperberry photoshoot in Mexico at the moment!

Love Pepperberry x

Our New Year Resolutions!

Happy new year to you all!

Here at the Pepperberry head office, lots of us have started the year with good intentions…

“My resolution is to cook more (rather than just heating up ready meals).  I’m going to start with homemade soups and then I‘m going to dust off the slow cooker!” Karen, Staff Development Manager.

“To spend more time with my gorgeous husband, eat more chocolate and ignore the diet, to drink more red wine because it’s good for the soul (and I like it, especially a nice Malbec) and to do a little more exercise so I can enjoy both. Oh and to fetch out my sewing machine again, I love making my own clothes and just don’t get chance to do it these days.”  Cleo, Senior Marketing Manager. 

“To keep in touch with friends more and to try and explore somewhere that  I haven’t been before (in the UK) once a month!” Tracey, Fabric Technical Manager.

“To make more effort to keep in contact with distant friends, making sure I don’t just rely on them contacting me!” Becci, Marketing Executive.  

“Lose the final bit of baby weight and get back into exercise, stay in more regular touch with friends and family abroad – don’t just use Facebook but send a proper email or phone them, and do a little bit of housework every day I’m home so it doesn’t mount up and feel like this horrible, unachievable task.” Anna, Engagement & Communications Advisor.

“Go on an adventure abroad, do something every day that makes me feel amazing, dress up more and volunteer with Brownies!” Clare, Assistant Merchandiser.

“To endeavour to arrive on time for things more often!” Fiona, Senior Marketing Manager.

“I’m going to learn to ski!!!” Lisa, Customer Service & Warehouse Operations Manager.

We’d love to hear your resolutions.

Pepperberry x

Meet Fiona, Senior Marketing Manager for Pepperberry

Where did you start your career? I started as a sales and marketing graduate trainee at Beiersdorf, the people that own NIVEA.  I worked on the NIVEA Sun brand for a year before spending 6 months on the Boots National Accounts Team.  Since then I’ve worked for Kraft Foods, Jordans Ryvita and Avon Cosmetics.

When did you start working at Bravissimo/Pepperberry? I joined in October 2011 but I’d been a customer since 2002.  Solihull was my local store.

What does your job entail? With the support of my amazing team I lead the marketing communication strategy and plans for Pepperberry across mail order, online and retail.  It involves working closely with lots of teams across the business to make it happen, for example Retail, Buying & Merchandising, Technical, Customer Service and IT.

What do you love most about your job?  The variety of things I get to do as part of my role.  I can be leading the development of our mobile site, attending conferences to gain new insights, meeting agencies to talk about new functionality for the website, meeting with my team, developing market research plans, attending awards ceremonies, working on the shop floor serving customer or taking calls in customer service.  No two days are ever the same.

Describe your personal style? I have quite a classic more casual style, perhaps a bit European.  I don’t like too much fuss or wild patterns but I am a bit obsessed with Breton stripes and scarves.  I do love getting glammed up to go out with friends though.

How do you dress for…

Work? We have a pretty casual dress code which suits me well as skinny jeans are my go-to item dressed up with a smart top and heels. I do enjoy getting dressed up smartly to attend a conference or big meeting and my Pepperberry dresses are perfect for this.

Shopping at the weekends? It’s got to be skinny jeans and probably a Breton stripe top with riding boots!

A meal in your favourite restaurant? I’d usually wear a dress with heels.

A big night out? Either a glitzy top with black skinnys and killer heels or a LBD with some fab contrasting colour heels.

How do you update your look? I wouldn’t call myself a slave to fashion as I’ve got to the stage where I know what suits me but I like to trawl the shops each season and buy some key pieces to keep my look up to date.  I’ve finally invested in a biker jacket this season.  I usually get a new nail colour from the Chanel seasonal palette to bring my classic look up to the minute.

Do you follow any style rules? I don’t like to mix too many colours together but try not to go all out matchy-matchy either.  I don’t want my clothes to overwhelm me or anyone else I encounter.

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas? I don’t think ‘fashion’ would want itself connected with the patchwork tie-dyed jersey tapered trousers I had as a teenager.  I have them on in a picture of me, my sister and my dad at the summit of Snowdon.  It was a great day but I always cringe when I see what I’m wearing!

What are your wardrobe lifesavers? I’ve got a couple of go-to dresses that if I am having an “Aarrgghh nothing looks right” moment then I grab one of them and I feel good again.

What are your essential accessories? Scarves and a large Mary Poppins-esque handbag to carry all my things around in.

Who’s your style icon? Audrey Hepburn.  Her classic style makes her beauty stand out. 

What’s been your most extravagant fashion purchase? A Swarovski twisted 3-strand necklace.  It weighs a tonne but when light  catches it the effect is magical.  I can’t wear it without getting compliments and it dresses up the plainest of outfits. 

Do you have any favourite beauty products/secrets to share? I swear by L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream for soft hands and healthy nails, Essie Good To Go to give my Chanel nail colour that Shellac glossy look and Kerastase Ciment Thermique to keep hair looking glossy & healthy even with straightener over-use!

Do you have a signature scent? I wear classic Burberry during the day and Calvin Klein Euphoria in the evening.  I always get complimented on them both.

Where is your favourite city and why? I love Hamburg it’s like a 2nd home to me.  I go at least once a year to visit friends I made from my days at NIVEA.  There is loads to do, great restaurants, trendy bars and hotels, good shopping and the most beautiful setting.  The Alster lake walk is the antidote for a late night out in the city and affords a great deal of people watching enjoyment as the great and good of the city take a ritual walk or run around the lakes on a Sunday (as the shops aren’t open!).

What three items would you take to a desert island? iPod, Kindle & a solar powered battery charger.  I can’t stand being bored and there’s only so much gazing out to sea wistfully I could cope with.

Where is your dream holiday destination and why? I’d love to go to Canada and explore the Rockies.  All that fresh air, open space and a slower pace of life really appeals to me.

Which three people would you invite to a fantasy dinner party? Brad Pitt (clean shaven!) as my date for the evening, Michael MacIntyre to keep us amused and Elton John for the great celeb stories and he could sing my favourite song, Tiny Dancer. 

What would you have to eat? A pear & roquefort salad, fillet steak with port sauce and vegetables, eton mess. All washed down with some fine wine.

All we want for Christmas…

We asked around the Pepperberry office to find out what’s top of the team’s Christmas wish list (we did say they could mix fantasy with reality!), here’s what they are hoping for…

I would love someone else to cook Christmas dinner … that would be a real treat! Tricia, PA to Sarah Tremellen.

On my list I have a new DSLR camera but I would really like an Audi Q7 (in my dreams!) Emma, Pepperberry Clothing Buyer.

A holiday somewhere exotic with a hot man, hot weather and cocktails. Charlotte, Trainee Pattern Cutter/Grader.

Daniel Craig and Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod bath and shower gel. Natasha, Bravissimo Marketing Communications Manager.

Knitted snood in Antique Ivory from Pepperberry, Rock of ages DVD, Travel wallet, Clarins SPF Face cream and handbag Parlux hairdryer. Lorna, Creative Designer/Artworker.

Hair dryer, perfume, Ugg slippers, Yankee candles and diamonds! Natalie, Pepperberry Marketing Communications Manager.

Sewing machine, leather ankle boots, iPod, fleecy pyjamas and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fizzy. Aillie, Marketing Assistant.

A pamper day with a nice massage and facial at a spa. Gemma, Bravissimo Marketing Communications Manager.

I’m hoping for an iPad mini, I’d also like a new espresso maker as my coffee machine has given up the ghost, I would like some garden vouchers as I’ve got a bit of a garden project on in the Spring, and I’d also like some vouchers for a massage  or other indulgent treat.  My very random gift-list item is the Pointless game. I can’t really explain why, but Pointless is my latest obsession. Jo, Product and Marketing Director.

Diamond earrings, Molton Brown goodies, Cashmere cardigan, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Chanel  Christmas nail enamel & eyeshadow palette, Mulberry wallet and a weekend trip to Paris. There’s a little bit of fantasy and reality in this list! Fiona, Pepperberry Marketing Manager.

Wild bra  from Bravissimo,  Beaded Deco Clutch bag from Pepperberry, red glitter nail polish, perfume, a new onesie, a burgundy snood, long socks and an e-Reader delivered by George Clooney! Holly, Pepperberry Marketing Communications Manager.

We’d love to hear what you would like for christmas. Have you created your Pepperberry wish list to share with friends and family yet?

Enjoy the festive season.

Love Pepperberry x

Meet Pepperberry Formal Clothing Buyer Emma

Formal Clothing Buyer for Pepperberry

Where did you start your career? River Island in 2002.

When did you start working at Pepperberry? 18 months ago.

What does your job entail? It’s incredibly varied. I work alongside my assistant buyer to make sure the garments we have visualised make it into store. We work with our designer, and the designers of the factories we work with, to design the garments, choosing the fabrics, prints and trims. We then work alongside the technical team to perfect the fit and styling. We select the garments and ranges then to go into stores and negotiate all of the prices on these. All production colours, fabrics and trims are then approved. Every week is different – we may be visiting suppliers in the UK and abroad, attending fabric fairs, visiting stores to get feedback from staff and customers, as well as answering emails etc.

What do you love most about your job? Seeing people wearing and enjoying the clothing we have chosen.

Describe your personal style? Still evolving – but generally different every day. I get bored easily and like experimenting. Although I have definitely toned things down as I’ve got older!

How do you dress for…?

Work? Quite smart, generally in a 4” heel.

Shopping at the weekends?  Jeans or a dress, with boots or hi-tops.

A meal in your favourite restaurant? Skinny jeans, heels and a blazer.

A big night out? Shorts, a funky top and heels.

How do you update your look? I buy a few pieces every season but am always updating with interesting tights, scarves and new shoes. I have over 100 pairs of shoes.

Do you follow any style rules? Dressing for my boobs – no polo necks. I’m also a Straight body shape so try and emphasise my under bust/ hide my tummy or show off my legs (my best feature I think!)

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas? Crop top and short dungarees with over the knee socks and clogs – I was 16 and thought I was Blossom!!

What are your wardrobe lifesavers? Leggings and boyfriend cardigans.

What are your essential accessories? Scarves and Marc Jacob’s handbags (I’m a bit obsessed!)

Who’s your style icon? Sarah Jessica Parker – I love her fearlessness and the fact she looks great in everything.

What’s been your most extravagant fashion purchase? I own several pairs of Louboutins.

What sparked your imagination when choosing this collection? We were really influenced by the 1920s – from Downton Abbey to what has been on the catwalks. We wanted to offer embellishments but in a sophisticated way. We also wanted to inject colour into the workwear range.

Were there any difficulties getting this collection exactly as you wanted to be? Fitting styling around boobs – it’s always an issue as some trends just don’t work with boobs. Getting a flapper dress to fit nicely and work with boobs was a real achievement.

How did you choose the fabrics? We work with our fabric technical manager to find beautiful fabrics which perform and suit the type of garment. We attend fabric fairs to find the newest fabrics.

How did you choose the embellishments? We work with our factories and designers to make these work with the garments.

Which of the trends in the winter collection is your favourite and what do you love about it? Hidden treasures – I love all the occasionwear and the femininity.

Which one item from the winter collection will you definitely be wearing this season? The Bead Detail Dress.

How will you style it? With a bejewelled hairband and black patent peep toes for the evening, and switching the belt for a bright red one for the day with black tights and heeled ankle boots.

Where will you wear it? To the office christmas party and for work.

Which accessory from the winter collection is your must-have item? The Metallic Leather Clutch Bag.